Urban Illustration:

Creativity and confidence will get you everywhere in this world, and that is what we foster here.

About the class:

Urban illustration is a constantly growing class of incredibly talented children. This class is the best and most fun way to introduce your children to the world of conceptual design and the abstract world of street art. Whether your child wants to make bold loud art or go towards a delicate pencil drawing, this class opens up a world of fantastic art they’ve never seen, or even thought they could do. Using all professional supplies, our focus is on longevity in a project and imagination building. We explore all kinds of 2-dimensional art creation during the school year, with the exception of mini- workshops. Over the summer, I teach the students how to safely use spray paint to create beautiful, vibrant pieces of art. We explore all kinds of tools and types of design ranging from toy design and development to screen-printing and mass production. Your children will learn to feel confident in their work, and confident children are better learners.

Get to know the class and the instructor:

I am Katie, the creator of Urban Illustration. I began my art life as a student in Savannah College of Art and design. I ultimately graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mercy with a degree in Computer Arts and Design. I created this class back in 2007 with 5 students in a creative daycare space called The Homework Club. I originally began the class to show kids that they could and should have more confidence in their creative lives while I was earning my degree. I never anticipated that it would take flight, so to speak. Urban Illustration is based around my personal love for graffiti, stickers and street art of all kinds. This type of class helps the students to branch out more into other subjects and to judge themselves less if it doesn’t come out “perfect”. That imperfection just adds to the beauty.